Mark Pilkington

Former CEO, Kamal Osman Jamjoom

Mark Pilkington is a graduate of Oxford and INSEAD.
After his MBA, he became CEO of Gossard, a lingerie brand, where he developed the Wonderbra, which became the top selling bra in the world, and won two Queen’s Awards for Exports, as well as the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award.
He then led a turnaround at Georges Rech, a French couturier, as Directeur General.
In 1999, Mark founded, the world’s first direct-to-consumer ecommerce brand, obtaining investment from Marks and Spencer. grew fast and was acquired by a public company in 2006.
After this, he became CEO of Jamjoom Group, a retailer based in Dubai, where he was responsible for 800 stores, with ten brands, including Nayomi Lingerie, Mikyajy Beauty, The Body Shop and Early Learning Centre.

Mark is author of a book called ‘Sorry we’re Closed! The Strange Death of Retail, and how to Save it.’ (to be published by Bloomsbury in January 2019), which analyses the current crisis in retailing and offers strategies for survival.

Mark is Director at, a consultancy which helps retailers and brands build their business in what he calls ‘The Amazon Jungle’.