Mamta Varerkar

CMO & Marketing Consultant,

Mamta Varerkar has more than 12 years of experience in Advertising and Communications, with a focus on providing clients with Digital solutions. Mamta is also Co-founder & CMO of, the largest online car rental marketplace, that provides customers access to inventory of local car rental companies. With more than 50 partners on board, EjarCar boasts the largest collection of cars to choose from, at the best prices. Mamta is passionate about creating communication that cuts through the clutter and is based on data and insights. Mamta’s previous experience includes heading the Digital team at Tonic, an independent agency in Dubai, and more recently Mamta’s responsibilities where acting as the growth officer at Tonic. Mamta is also a Co-host on a new podcast called: Startup Hustle Middle East, which includes tips and tricks for startups in the ecosystem.