Gabriel Somoza

E-commerce Architect Consultant, Strategery

Gabriel Somoza is a Belgium-based Engineering Manager and Ecommerce Architect. He currently spends most of his time leading Strategery – a boutique web development company that specializes in building high-quality e-commerce stores and web applications. He is also a Zend Certified Engineer and Magento Certified Developer Plus. When he is not working, Gabriel spends time with his beautiful wife, travels, and does some research to broaden his skills.

“As a Magento developer, I love Meet Magento conferences because I get to meet dozens of other developers and exchange ideas, techniques, and best practices in something I consider essential to my career. As a Magento architect, I love it because I meet several vendors offering tools and services that could help me solve complex problems easily. And as a consultant, I love it because I get to meet merchants whom I could potentially help with my services. There are very conferences that bring these three components under the same roof!”